Board of Trustees

Village of Baxter Estates

Minutes of Special Meeting

July 12, 2011, 7:30 p.m.

Location: Village Hall, 315 Main Street

Port Washington, New York


Mayor Frederick B. Nicholson

Trustee Charles Comer

Trustee Alice M. Peckelis

Trustee Nora Haagenson

Village Treasurer Laurence Tuck

Village Attorney Christopher J. Prior


Trustee Douglas Baldwin

Other Attendees:

No other persons were in attendance.

Mayor Nicholson opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m. and noted that the Board was conducting this special meeting to address a short list of items to satisfy certain Village obligations, notwithstanding the cancelation of the regularly scheduled July meeting of the Board.

Mayor Nicholson and the Board members discussed the landscaping work that had been performed at the Village Hall by local contractors, and their sense that the minimal costs incurred for the work were well worth the aesthetic improvements to the Village Hall.

  1. Audit of Claims.

The Board members discussed the abstract of audited claims prepared and circulated by Village Treasurer Laurence Tuck. After discussion, upon motion duly made by Trustee Comer and seconded by Trustee Peckelis, the Board unanimously RESOLVED to approve the audit of claims as presented.

Trustee Comer then noted that payments to be made to the sprinkler company, Sprink-o-Matic, Inc., for the work done at the Village Hall premises were reflected on the abstract as being payable in two separate checks, one representing 90% of the amount claimed due by the vendor, and the other representing the other 10% thereof. Trustee Comer noted that, while the work now appears satisfactory, there has been a need to call the vendor back to fix or adjust the work, and the possibility of another call-back warrants some retainage.

After further discussion, upon motion made by Trustee Comer and seconded by Trustee Haagenson, the Board unanimously resolved that the payments authorized to be made to Sprink-o-Matic, Inc. be paid as follows: The check for 90% can be released immediately, while the check for 10% shall be released only upon the approval of the Mayor, after he is satisfied that all work required to be performed by such vendor has been completed satisfactorily.

  1. Application for Tree Removal.

Mayor Nicholson noted that the Village had received an application from Port Washington Apartments Corp., known as The Pierre Apartments, for permission to remove certain trees from their premises in connection with their pending construction plans to rehabilitate or replace a retaining wall. The Board members noted that the application was submitted by the managing agent for The Pierre Apartments, and the Board sought confirmation that the Board of Directors of the Coop Corporation, representing the owners of the units at the complex, approved the application.

After discussion, upon motion duly made by Trustee Haagenson and seconded by Trustee Peckelis, the Board unanimously RESOLVED to approve the application of Port Washington Apartments Corp., for the removal of trees at The Pierre Apartments premises at 125 Main Street in the Village, conditioned upon the applicant providing to the Village Clerk a copy of the resolution of the Cooperative Board of Directors of The Pierre Apartments reflecting that Board’s approval of the application for tree removal.

  1. Skinnon and Faber Inquiries relating to Annual Audit.

Treasurer Tuck presented to the Board members copies of a cover letter and questionnaire delivered to the Village by Skinnon and Faber, designed to be completed by each member of the Board of Trustees and all Village employees. The Mayor directed the Village Attorney to review the forms and advise the Board members of any concerns prior to completion of such forms by the Board members and Village employees.

  1. Executive Session.

Upon motion duly made by Trustee Peckelis and seconded by Trustee Haagenson, the Board entered into executive session to discuss pending and potential litigation, at 8:00 p.m.

At 8:45 p.m., Mayor Nicholson announced that the open portion of the meeting was resumed, and that the executive session had concluded, with no action taken, so no minutes will be made.

At 9:00 p.m., there being no further business before the Board, on motion of Trustee Peckelis, seconded by Trustee Haagenson, it was unanimously resolved that the meeting be adjourned