Board of Trustees Meeting as Planning Board
Village of Baxter Estates
315 Main Street, Port Washington, New York
December 21, 2015


Present:          Mayor Nora Haagenson
 Deputy Mayor Charles Comer
 Trustee Alice M. Peckelis
Trustee Doug Baldwin
Village Clerk Yvonne Whitcomb
Village Attorney Chris Prior

Absent:           Trustee Chris Ficalora

Also present: Court Reporter Jennifer Devlin,  Sabrina (Hueiyin) Wu, Attorney Thomas Levin, Engineer Chuck Panetta, ,  Dr. Peter Salins,  Steve Howley, Anne Shkuda, Alyce O’Rourke, Chuck Idol, Chris Bain, George Rorke, Margot Gramer, Marla Freeman, Katherine Crean, Gerald Hallissy, Larry Tuck, Colin Lawrence, Colleen O’Neill, Eileen O’Neill,  Maurice Mandel, Director of Long Island Traditions, Nancy Solomon, Timothy O’Neill,  Nancy Johnson, Kathy Coley, Joe Jailor-Coley, Edward Athanasian, Ann Marie , Nancy Comer, Baxter descendant Alison Kent, Tina Joks, William Haagenson, Michael Marmor, Jill Burke, Maria DiNatale Scotto, Anita Setin, Leslie H. Read.

Planning Board 7:30PM

Mayor Haagenson opened the Public Hearing to hear the application for subdivision of Sabrina Wu, as owner of premises at 15 Shore Road, Port Washington, New York, also known as Section 5, Block 5, Lot 61, on the Nassau County Land & Tax Map, in Residence A Zoning District of the Village, to subdivide parcel currently improved with single family home, into two residential building lots, in order to alter and expand the existing home on one proposed parcel, and to construct a new home on other proposed parcel.

The Affidavit of Mailing of Hearing  Notice was submitted to the Village Clerk with attached receipts and marked as Applicants Exhibit # 1. (Annexed hereto)

  A three page letter with two photos attached was submitted to the Board  from Steven Zalben, Architect, 70 South Road, Sands Point, N.Y. 11050 and marked as Applicants Exhibit # 2. (Annexed hereto)

A  two page petition was signed by residents who are in opposition to the Variance being requested re: the property on Shore Rd. known as Baxter House, marked as Oppositions Exhibit # 1. (Annexed hereto)

The Village Clerk submitted to the Board, six letters of  opposition from various residents of Port Washington, marked as Oppositions Exhibit # 2. (Annexed hereto)

All those present wishing to speak having been heard, Mayor Haagenson adjourned the public hearing at 9:30 PM.

On motion of Deputy Mayor Comer, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, it was unanimously RESOLVED to adjourn the public hearing not to a date certain.

A verbatim transcript of the Public Hearing is annexed to these minutes


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        _______________________________________                                                                                                 Yvonne Whitcomb                                                                                                                                       Village Clerk